MedicineSinging: It’s all about your story ! Welcome to our Blog.

Here at MedicineSinging we strive for three things:

One: Provide meaningful ways to consider, explore, engage, and

manifest the creative story of your life.

Two: Offer strategic teachings that can help equip you for the

journey; expand the possibilities for your understanding of your

life; and support you in manifesting the dreams you hold dear.

Three: Support you in the expression of your story; the One

Breath you have to give; the One Story that is uniquely yours.

If you came to my house and were my guest, we would o!er

you a meal. We would not expect you to eat everything, but take

only what will nourish your heart and soul.

The same is true for MedicineSinging. Take what makes your

Heart Sing; take what is good medicine for your journey; and

leave the rest.

We will not always agree on everything. That is OK. We have

di!erent faiths, or perhaps none at all. We may come from

di!erent clans, tribes, communities, or countries. We may be

native, or we may be immigrants. We have our customs,

traditions and beliefs. But you will always be treated as a guest. I

ask the same of you. Let us treat each other as guests on this


I think, that whomever may have made us, may have sung

a song to us before we were sent into this world from that


And some of us have forgotten that song and seek it, even now,

as we are together, you and I.

And I think when it is time to tumble from this world into the next,

we will hear that song calling to us. And it will be good medicine

for our hearts. It will be MedicineSinging from the heart of the

source of our One Breath.

Remember this: It is no mistake nor happenstance that we

have met. We begin as strangers, but will not remain so for long.

Exploring MedicineSinging, we have heard stories, strategies,

and heart songs. We have shared poetry and -ute; shared about

life’s development and ways to deal with it all.

We have shared the One Breath. We are living the One Story:

our life. One Breath, One Story. One song. The One we will use to

sing our story as we tumble into the next world. So, there is no

need to be afraid; for there will be story.

And where there is story, there is song. And where there

is song there is the sacred. The sacred song and story of

our lives.

Welcome to the Blog of MedicineSinging!

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